An Alternative Nativity Story

‘Ey up, who are you?

Three Wise Men? I didn’t know there were that many. Mum’ll tell you three wise women would’ve had everything sorted by now! Anyhow, Mum says you’ve brought some pressies for my birthday, let’s have a look.

Gold! We can do with some of that can’t we Dad? To compensate for what that Roman puppet Herod robbed us of.

Frankincense. Smells nice. Want some mum?

Myrhh, what’s that? Used for embalming dead people? You think I was born yesterday? Actually I was, I won’t be needing your Myrhh for another 33 years. Please Dad ask one of the shepherds to show him out.

At least we’ve got stable accommodation for now, until Herod comes to evict us.


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