Coronavirus: How it affects me

Several of my Twitter friends have expressed concern about my welfare, knowing that I’m over 70 and living alone, so I thought I’ld write a blogpost to reassure them.

Solitude in itself doesn’t bother me, I rarely go out except to the shop and I’ve been trying to reduce the frequency of my visits even though it’s the only exercise I get. Friday (27 March) was the first time I’d been out since the previous Sunday. My armchair was broken and I was unable to fix it, so I had back trouble which meant I couldn’t sit for too long and couldn’t bend to do any housework.

I didn’t think I was in any special need that would require someone to go to the shop for me, so I went myself and will continue to do so as long as I’m able.

I had to queue outside, though not for very long as it was the quietist it had been for awhile and moving quite rapidly. After two days alcohol free I bought 2ltrs of vodka. I’ld still have had to go to shop even if I hadn’t had 6x70cl bottles delivered the same day – the only thing I could order online with 3-13 days delivery

That’s Aldi, they don’t do grocery deliveries. I can’t get a delivery slot with Tesco or Asda, Co-op and Iceland don’t deliver to my area, Sainsbury’s aren’t registering new customers, and I can’t even get onto Morrison’s website!

This is the outcome of selfish panic buying, those most in need lose out because mercenary idiots have got there ahead of them 🤬

I don’t consider it acceptable that anyone should rejoice at the news that the Prime Minister and the Prince of Wales have been tested positive for the virus. But nor do I find it acceptable that they should be tested when frontline medical staff are not!

I’ve been able to place an order with my local butcher so I’ll be OK in that respect. I hope to be able to place an order with Lloyd’s Pharmacy on Monday for my pain relief.

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