Black Lives Matter but so do these!

I was recently called a racist and dogpiled for 48 hours for saying that Black Lives Matter because ALL lives matter, based on one tweet taken isolation while ignoring the bulk of my work. This is my reply, although I don’t expect it to be read by those who really need to read it. Most people will pay me the courtesy of reading to the end before commenting.

All lives matter is not racist, that’s a contradiction! It’s inclusive so how can it be racist? Black Lives Matter but these lives matter too

Indigenous children taken from their families to be “educated” who’s graves are recently being discovered. Missing and murdered indigenous women in USA and Canada. Indigenous people murdered for opposing oil extraction in the Amazon

Elderly and disabled people who Tory ideology consider unproductive and can be sacrificed on the goal of “herd immunity”

Refugees fleeing violence only to be pushed back to face further persecution or allowed to drown.

LGBT people being murdered by their own families in so called “honour killings”. Human Rights advocates beheaded or sentenced to inderminate detention without charge in inhumane conditions that amount to a death penalty

Cubans suffering from US sanctions on top of Covid-19 and Palestinians suffering from decades of Israeli occupation

Julian Assange who is being slowly murdered by the US and U.K. governments for telling the truth about US war crimes. Steven Donziger who is facing a 6 month prison sentence having already served twice that long under house arrest before coming to trial in a vindictive case brought against him for winning a case for indegenous people in the Amazon. Nazanin Zahari-Radcliffe held in an Iranian prison as a hostage for a debt owed by U.K. government.

Victims of domestic/sexual violence who didn’t get help in time. People driven to suicide due to cuts in benefits. The victims of Grenfell, Hillsborough, Orgreave, and other disasters (not Windrush, it’s accepted that their lives matter)

Numerous young people who drown every year due to lack of awareness of the dangers of open water, which I and my friends are working to remedy.

Let’s not forget our four-legged, feathered and finned friends with whom we share this planet – non-human lives matter too.

Anyone who calls me a racist for saying ALL lives matter had better tell me which of these DOESN’T matter.

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