A Modern Parable

A plague had fallen upon the land and the King knew not what to do. Some advisers told him what he wanted to hear, blame someone else. But he was running out of advisers after decapitating the few who disagreed and imprisoning their supporters.

The King had fallen ill unto death but he had an only child, a daughter he had raised as if she were a son and she could weald a sword as well as any man.

“Sword’s won’t defeat this disease” she said. “Go you forth and find a remedy or never ask my hand in marriage!”

One returned and answered: “I have found a doctor who might cure your father my lady, but he’s Jewish”

“I care not for that,” she answered. “I’m informed that Jews and Arabs are most proficient in these arts. Let them try to save my father’s life and I will not blame them if they fail. But none who advise me badly can expect any mercy!”

So the knights went forth, but they heeded not what their lady had said. There was lust was for land, and they meant to have it by any means possible. But they disdained what was offered to them and achieved only desolation!

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