The Abyss

Our so-called leaders have gazed into the abyss for so long that those who pretend to fight monsters have become monsters themselves! I can think of no other word to describe those who condemn refugees to drown in the channel or deport them to Rwanda.

It started with the establishment off a concentration camp at Goutanamo Bay in Cuba, which is outside the jurisdiction of the US Department of Justice, to allow torture to be carried out within the USA

Not that the USA or the sycophantic U.K. government cares less for international law, the UN is a toothless lion!

Our governments only care about committing war crimes if someone else is committing them, but they don’t want them exposed by Julian Assange and others of his ilk. There are other journalists who are prepared to go out on a limb to tell the truth although they haven’t been persecuted as Julian hasyet!

Chris Hedges, an award winning journalist, made the same comparison as I did with the treatment of Julian Assange and Steven Donziger. He published on RT and all content has been removed!

The same goes for Tommy Sheridan who used the Sputnik site for his blogs but has had to resort to posting guest blogs on another site.

This has nothing to do with with the content of their blogs, only with their being sponsored by Russia! They weren’t posting Russian propaganda and, if they were, the censorship would be just as bad!

Without people like Chris, Tommy and a few others – Craig Murray deserves a mention – I don’t know who I can rely on for actual news, it’s a choice of which propaganda to believe!

Five nations have permanent status on the security council, any one of which can veto a decision – USA, U.K., France, Russia, China. The possibility of all five agreeing about anything is unimaginable!

Our leaders should look into to the abyss a bit longer, they might see their own faces looking back at them!

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