General Election or General Strike?

Within hours of Liz Truss resigning at least two petitions had been started calling for a general election – but the government, when we have one, will only consider petitions on its own website. This one has 670k signatures and growing! It has already been debated in Parliament, with the only Tory speaker being the Parliamentary Secretary for the Cabinet Office. It’s worth reading.

Leaving aside the fact that Tories are unlikely to vote for a General Election, which could result in them losing their seats, it’s likely that Labour would win by default. Starmer has nothing to offer, he’s counting on a sufficient number of voters abandoning the Tory Party to give him the victory but ignoring those who are sick of both major parties!

Many Tory and Labour voters will vote for a minor party or not vote at all. A likely outcome would be that Labour emerge as the largest part but without an outright majority, so they’ld have to cobble together some sort of coalition. New socialist parties might grab a few seats but they aren’t quite ready to fill the gap. A coalition with SNP is unlikely, with LibDems undesirable.

We can’t put too much faith in parliamentary democracy, we have to go to the grassroots. There’s a growing demand for a General Strike or a Jarrow March. As John Steinbeck said:

“In the souls of the people, the Grapes of Wrath are growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage”.

Mick Lynch has pointed out that only the TUC can call a General Strike, but we can’t count on it to do so. I’m very disappointed (to put it mildly) with the motion to increase spending on arms production. But RMT, CWU, PCSU, FBU, Unite and other unions are co-ordinating their efforts and getting the job done. It’s important that we also include community organisations and NGOs such as like DPAC, Crisis and all peace and human rights organisations. Rachel Reeves doesn’t want Labour to be the party of people on benefits, but this just emphasises the question: Who does the Labour Party represent?

I don’t think a General Election would, in itself, solve the current crisis, it needs a few heroes prepared to suffer for what they believe in! That’s what it took to win our rights, and a new generation is being asked to make those same sacrifices to preserve them! For my part: the spirit is willing but the body is unable to contribute 🙁

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