Inspiration exists, but I has to catch you working

Pablo Picasso

I’m finding it difficult to set aside some time each week to write a blog but it’s what I need to do. I can’t wait for inspiration to come, I have to start writing even if I don’t know what to I’m going to say. As a philosophy graduate I’m quite accustomed to venturing on a voyage of discovery not knowing where I’m going until I get there 😅

Strictly speaking it’s not so much inspiration I lack but the ability to focus – I have draft blogs that I need to finish, two published that need revision, and another one planned – I’m recovering from a fall last weekend and find it hard to get comfortable, which is very distracting!

I’m limited by lack of mobility to what I can do but I’ve been working with a support assistant from the council on improving my living standard, in fact I’m getting more help than I expected 😊 Once my personal circumstances are sorted I can think about being more active in the real world.

There is a good chance I might be standing on an FBU picket line this year, I’ve been offered a lift, but I’m concerned I won’t be able to stand all day and would require some degree of independence. Which is why I’m buying a self-propelled folding wheelchair, even if I only use it occasionally.

Depence on public transport is my main problem though, that was intended to the subject of this week’s blog with some personal anecdotes.

A rambling statement of where I am at this minute, I hope you’ll like my forthcoming blogs. I made a New Year Resolution to do more writing and I’m getting plenty of encouragement, not least from Chris Williamson, so it’s important that I write something even if I don’t have much to say 😀

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