My Work: Going Forward

A few years ago I was interviewed with others for an article in Morning Star about online activism. Understandably, none of us were able to fully explain what we do in a short article so I thought I should write my own piece about my work. There’s no better time to do that than now when I’m adjusting to a new approach; I’m looking forward to where I’m going rather than back to where I’ve been, but keeping an eye on the rear view mirror 😀

Before the #SocialistSunday movement kicked off I had established a large following of my own and continue to build it. Although #SocialistSunday helps increase my own following I’m more concerned with boosting the following of other comrades. In fact I think it’s an obligation for one with as many faithful followers as I have.

I’m noted for promoting petitions on many topics, they may rarely result in any change but several people have said that they were only made aware of an issue by my tweets. I’m frankly bewildered by the amount of influence I’ve acquired over the years I’ve been on Twitter, I never set out to influence people and would probably have failed if I had. I just tweet about what interests me and there’s plenty of variety so someone who follows me because of one mutual interest might discover something else they hadn’t thought much about. I’ve been told off many times for being too self-effacing, I’m modest by nature but I speak my mind when necessary! I’m a Yorkshireman when all is said and done 😅

I’ve been taking a break from promoting petitions and don’t know if I’ll ever get back to it, at least not to the same extent. I need to get into blogging and I have plenty of encouragement to do so. So far I’ve managed to stick to my resolution to write at least one blog a week, and I a few ideas of what to write about. Although I’m no longer writing for Critical Mass I hope some of the team might give me advice.

I also have a stack of books to read which will probably require me to spend less time online. I’m currently reading Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee and have recently bought Harry’s Last Stand, which I hope to read this week. I plan on writing a tribute to Harry for his 100th birthday on 25 February but have no idea what I’m going to say.

February 28 will be the 50th anniversary of the start of the occupation of Wounded Knee by the American Indian Movement. I started writing a blog about that a year ago so I’d better get cracking and finish it!

From 31st March I will no longer be able to schedule tweets in advance unless I go professional for $1.30 per day. I have considered crowdfunding but not sure it would be good value. I’m currently only using Hootsuite for my routine independent lifeboat tweets, my biggest project so far but perhaps I can congratulate myself on a job well done and move on to something else.

I had hoped to do another fundraising walk for York Rescue Boat this year but some of my original support team are unavailable and my own health is dodgy. I’m recovering from the fall I had a few weeks ago, very little pain now, but I can’t count on being fit enough to undertake a physical challenge even with support. I have bought a self-propelled wheelchair, which I haven’t used yet, so I can attend a rally or join a picket line where I would otherwise spend a lot of time on my feet. I still need to get to an event though an public transport around here is abysmal! That’s the subject for another blog.

I donate regularly to several worthy causes, and occasionally to others. I have a principle of not asking others to donate unless I put my money where my mouth is. It’s getting hard to ask people to donate to a food bank when they’re struggling to put food on their own table but I need to ask. The small amount I can donate to a cause is multiplied by the number of people I can persuade to do likewise. I may ask people who read my blog to contribute £5 if they approve of what I’m doing and can afford it, but I don’t really need it at present.

Another thing I’ld like to get back to is playing some music, even if I don’t have an audience, but all my instruments are packed away while I’m waiting to here about a new carpet. It’s part of a scheme to help me live independently. Whether I can get set up to make a video is a question for much later.

I would appreciate any suggestions of how to proceed from here but I remain Mani Isna La – He Who Walks Alone

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