She Also Lives

I read recently about someone with #AllLivesMatter in their bio advocating for sinking boats carrying refugees, which means that they don’t actually believe that all lives matter. Unfortunately this has been used as a racist trope that has backfired against anti-racists like myself.

It is not racist to say that all lives matter, quite the contrary. None of my critics was able to mention one life that DOESN’T matter 😠

When I say all lives matter I don’t mean all human lives – I include our furred, feathered and finned friends. But why should I stop there? Plantlife also matter, and needs soil in which to grow, sunlight and clean water. Plants that were once regarded as weeds are useful if you know how to useful if you know how to use them, indigenous people possess this knowledge but it has been suppressed Europeans as ‘unscientific’ – although there is a growing awareness that traditional knowledge can inform scientific research.

This is still not enough! We need to recognise that our Unci Maka, our Grandmother Earth, is also a living being and we should reverence her,

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