Mike’s York Walk – Meet The Team


A walk around York’s City Walls to raise funds for charity might not seem much of a challenge, I’ve done it a number of times when I was younger, but it’s a different matter now I’m 72 and dependent on a walking frame. Fortunately I have a group of friends who have not only made very generous donations but are traveling considerable distances to accompany me on my walk. Here are their personal accounts of why they are giving me their support.


My Name is Tommy Richardson, and I am a serving Firefighter and Swiftwater Rescue Technician with Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service.

During my time as a Swiftwater Rescue Technician I have sadly attended a lot of water related incidents that have ended in the tragic loss of a life and I have worked with and supported many bereaved family members in their quest to educate others in the dangers in and around Open Water.

I also work very closely with both the RNLI and the RLSS supporting their important annual Water Safety Campaigns.

It was on Twitter many years ago that I stumbled across Mike Coulson. Mike is a fantastic person that goes over and above to help support others with their personal challenges and campaigns.

It was when Mike suggested that he was going to undertake a sponsored walk around the City Walls in York with the proceeds going towards the York Rescue Boat that I knew that this was my opportunity to return all of the amazing support which Mike has given to me by joining him in raising money for the York Rescue Boat; it really was a No Brainer.

The York Rescue Boat is an independent Search and Rescue Charity which is vital to York and the surrounding areas and I hope that Mike raises a lot of money for the charity. The York Rescue and its members are fantastic, and I am sure that because of their professionalism, quick responses and actions that many lives have been saved.

So, could I please ask that you dig deep and sponsor Mike in his walk, if possible, you may also want to pop along on Saturday 5th or Sunday 6th of June to give Mike a few words of encouragement.

Beckie and Annie

My name is Beckie, Sadly the reason for my support is a tragic one. In 2011 my first born son Dylan lost his life swimming in open water. I can’t remember exactly when but while campaigning I came across the lovely Mike… What can I say where do I start… Mike offered to make a few posters for me for social media, I guess the rest is history… I’m proud to class Mike as a good friend now and we all know we can always count on his support. His beautiful pictures are certainly a welcomed sight on a Friday morning. Back to why we’re here… Mike is raising much needed funds for the York boat which is an independent lifesaving charity. The passion this man displays towards independent lifeboat stations is awe inspiring…. He’s always there lending his support and knowledge. I’m supporting Mike’s York walk in more ways than one, My daughter & I will be there every step of the way supporting his efforts. I will share his fund raising page hopefully helping to boost donations. I stand by Mike in his efforts to make a difference 100%. Please if you can donate dig deep… If you can’t then share as you just never know who’s on your friends list who might be able to.

Annie just wanted to say she supports all you are doing Mike as you did with her efforts. Annie says anything that stops families from feeling the pain that ours and many others do is worth supporting. In memory of her big brother Dylan she walks right beside you and she accepts your mission.


My name is Mark. In 2015 my Son Michael tragically died after drowning in the Jubilee River, Datchet after going for a swim on a hot summers day. My reason for supporting Mike in this charity walk is because at Michael’s funeral I vowed to do all I could to avoid this happening again.

Since then I have got to know lots of water safety campaigners and different initiatives and Mike has always been one of the people who goes out of his way to support these people and campaigns.

Supporting Mike in his walk is my way of giving thanks to Mike for all he does.

Raising money for the York Rescue Boat is vital as they rely solely on donations and I’m proud to be involved in another fundraiser like this.


Although York Rescue Boat is my chosen charity, I was born and educated in the city, I encourage people to support an independent lifeboat near where they live – either by volunteering in some capacity or by donating regularly – and my pinned tweet provides a resource to help find one.

As you can see, we’re all very concerned with raising awareness of the dangers of open water swimming – we’ld prefer people to stay out of trouble so they don’t need rescuing. An important part of the job for York Rescue Boat and other rescue teams is to conduct regular patrols to spot a potential incident before it occurs.

This will be the first time I will have met any of the team and the weekend will cost each of us a sizeable sum of our own money, so we intend to have a good time 😀

Here’s the link if you wish to donate https://gofund.me/0e227521

If you’re in York on either Saturday 5 or Sunday 6 June, please come along to Exhibition Square at 10.am and meet the team 😀

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