Fundraising for Independent Lifeboats

Mike’s York Walk achieved three of its objectives:

We raised £600 for York Rescue Boat.

We paid tribute to young people who had drowned in the River Ouse and elsewhere, and helped raise awareness of the dangers.

We had a good time! This is important when you’re putting your own time and money into a event.

One objective that I’m not sure we achieved is raising awareness of the numerous lifeboats and SAR teams that are not connected to RNLI. In this blog I want to provide guidance on how you can help fundraise for an IndyLB of your choice.

If you don’t already know of a lifeboat you wish to support my @mikecoulson48 pinned tweet provides a resource to help you find one.

Challenge yourself to do something that stretches your ability.

Recruit your support team. They won’t be facing the same challenge that you are but you’re gonna need them.

Set up GoFundMe page, it’s not hard to do. As your chosen lifeboat is charity all money raised will go directly to them.

Tell the lifeboat crew what you’re doing and get as much publicity as possible.

Go for it!

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