Chris and I

Although I’ve never met him I’ve always considered Chris Williamson as a friend as well as a comrade. I don’t follow him, we walk side by side. The only things we’ve disagreed on were tactical – I wanted him to challenge Tom Watson for the deputy leadership but he didn’t think he could get the numbers from the PLP. I polled my followers and found opinion had swung in favour of Laura Pidcock, who sadly lost her seat but continues to fight a losing battle within the Labour Party as a member of the NEC

We’ve said all along that Jeremy’s greatest fault was he that tried to appease those that would not be appeased, they always demanded more! What Chris said about Labour being too apologetic about Antisemitism I was saying too, but why would anyone listen to me if Chris can’t get a hearing?

I didn’t leave the Labour Party when he did because, at that time, I didn’t think he would wish me to do so. I had good reason for good reason for my belief, I had previously considered stopping my regular donations to League Against Cruel Sports when they sacked him as a patron but he persuaded me not to do so. I didn’t see this as being any different and I had many reasons for resigning from the Labour Party.

The final straw (there have been many more since) was learning that Mike Sivier had been suspended in the middle of a legal dispute with Rachel Riley! I had already decided that I couldn’t vote in the leadership elections for anyone who signed up to the iniquitous Ten Demandments of the BoD, which left me with Richard Burgon for Deputy. When I heard of Mike’s suspension I decided enough was enough! I sent in my resignation stating as my reason that I refused to be complicit in a witch hunt, although I couldn’t have envisaged then just how bad it would be

I think Chris is right to build up a grassroots movement before forming a new party, although many comrades are impatient. It’s what I perceive as Chris’s reluctance to take on a leadership role that makes him the best prospect. Jeremy took on the leadership of Labour from a sense of duty rather than ambition, Chris is the same!

We believe that there is little hope for socialism within the Labour Party, although we respect those who battle on in what we consider a lost cause. That’s why I back Chris wholeheartedly in anyway I can. I’m a member of Resist and also donate regularly to Left Legal Fighting Fund

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