Why I won’t be vaccinated

I’m not an anti-vaxxer and believe everyone, everywhere should have the opportunity to be vaccinated if they so wish. Too many people in poorer countries are denied the opportunity because Big Pharma, and the governments they support, refuse to waive patents on the vaccine.

It should be a matter of informed choice, and we haven’t been sufficiently informed! I’ve always been sceptical of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, I’m even more convinced it’s not for me.

I’m highly susceptible to unidentifed allergies, which was the original cause of my scepticism. I’ve since tested positive for COVID-19 and may still be suffering from it, so it’s too late for me to be vaccinated now!

It may even be worse than self-isolating and allowing it to run it’s course. A Twitter friend just told me she was laid up for a week after being vaccinated because of the antibodies she has built up.

In short, getting vaccinated is more likely to get me into hospital than remaining unvaccinated but self-isolating. I’m not advising anyone else what to do and the only advice I want is this: How can I alleviate the symptoms?

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