Though Cowards Flinch And Traitors Sneer

One compensation for spending a night in A&E on Monday was that I had time to read Chris Williamson’s Book Ten Years Hard Labour Thanks to all comrades who sent me their best wishes while I was there 😊 It’s a complete coincidence that the title I chose for this blog, which I started writing 2-3 weeks previously, is also the title of one chapter in the book. But it’s not really surprising as Chris and I have always tended to think very much alike.

We know who the the traitors are, they’ve been rewarded for their treachery with a seat in the House of Lords or have been re-admitted to the Labour Party after standing for another party. Luke Achehurts (I refuse to spell his name properly) is a paid employee of the Israeli government who’s finally managed to weasel his way onto the NEC, and it’s becoming increasingly evident that Keir Starmer takes his introductions from the Board of Deputies and is well rewarded for doing so. Starmer may be leader of the Labour Party de jure but the de facto leader is Marie van der Zyl!

I want to focus for now on the cowards in the Socialist Campaign Group. They’re fighting a lost cause if they think they can turn the party around with so little support, they need to stand up for their principles instead of backing down whenever Starmer dictates. They’re not working for socialism within the Labour Party, that boat has sailed, they’re muting their activity to preserve their own careers!

Diane Abbott is probably the most the most honest, as a Labour MP she can’t support Jeremy Corbyn if he stands an independent in Islington North but says he’ld probably win. Now that she’s been suspended for a badly worded letter in The Observer she’s free to follow her conscience and perhaps stand as an independent herself in the next General Election. Her apology illustrates what Chris and I were saying when we still were members of the Labour Party and Chris was an MP – there have been too many apologies and you can’t appease someone who refuses to be appeased. Every concession made is seen as a sign of weakness and they always demand more. Chris is quite correct in saying that Jeremy is as guilty as any of them for his own downfall – he sacrificed his best supporters to appease his critics!

John McDonnell is wishy-washy and Barry Gardiner has said that he objects to Jeremy being blocked from standing as a Labour candidate AND to his standing as an independent! These people can’t accept that the Party’s over! The best thing the Socialist Campaign Group could do would be to resign from the Labour Party and sit as independents until the next election, by which time we may have formed a socialist coalition capable of challenging the major parties.

I said as much in tweet to John McDonnell but never got a response although he does follow me (A few MPs have responded to my tweets but only Chris has done so consistently). Here’s an expanded version of what I told him.

  • They came for Tony Greenstein and you didn’t speak up
  • They came for Jackie Walker and you didn’t speak up
  • They came for Marc Wadsworth and you didn’t speak up
  • They came for Chris Williamson and you didn’t speak up
  • They came for Jeremy and STILL you didn’t speak up
  • Who’s going to speak up when they come for you John?

The local government elections bear me out – Tory losses haven’t been matched by Labour gains!

I believe that Labour will win the next General Election by default, just by waiting for a scandal-ridden Tory Party to hand it to them on a plate. It shouldn’t be like this, democracy should give us a real choice. We can’t vote for socialism if it’s not on the menu so we have to work that much harder outside parliament. To give the Socialist Campaign Group their due, they do join picket lines and rallies in defiance of Starmer’s objections, but they’re only too ready to lay down their arms at Starmer’s orders.

Starmer’s latest is to defund Young Labour and suspend their Twitter account because:

The account has recently become actively detrimental to the Party’s core objectives: to promote Labour candidates and policies, and to win elections.

I doubt if many young people joined the party merely to promote candidates and policies without having a say in selecting candidates or deciding policies!

Local government elections bear me out – Tory losses haven’t been matched by Labour gains! Some councillors expelled by Starmer have been re-elected as independents or joined the Greens. If this pattern is replicated in a General Election, Labour will no doubt congratulate themselves for being the largest party because they’ve lost fewer seats than the Tories!

I don’t know how the turnout compared to previous years, and we’ll probably never know how many people were turned away for lack of ID or how many couldn’t find a party worth voting for. There were no local elections this year where I live and I didn’t vote last year because the polling station was too far to walk in order to spoil my ballot. I will need to get ID before the General Election, picture on my bus pass is 15 years old doesn’t look a bit like me!

I’m losing faith in parliamentary democracy, we’re faced with a a dilemma – there’s no prospect of socialism without constitutional change, but no constitutional change without socialism. It’s in the workplace and the streets where we need to keep the Red Flag flying!

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